Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cheshire Cat

Sooo, since the new Alice in Wonderland came out (No I haven't seen it, I'm waiting to download it), and I recently met someone as fanatical about Lewis Carroll's original tale as I, I decided to make a painting about my personal favorite character from the story, Mr. Chesire Cat (my friend also requested it because she's crazy and believes that she's the Cheshire Cat^^) .
So i tried to work on my painting technique in Photoshop, as well as on my colors. See, I like REALLY REALLY bright saturated colors. Unfortunately, put too many in a composition, and pretty soon you have a hot mess. SO I tried to work it out where i could have some really bright colors and and some unsaturated colors to balance it out. I know there's no background. I'm thinking hard about where to put him, i mean i should have though of it before, but i was just thinking... you know... let me tackle these simple problems. Background (especially for me) bring in a whole new set of problems I need to work out (Backgrounds are NOT my forte... yet). Anyways, yeah, I said I'd have a painting up. Plus I want to keep this pace up of posting twice a week, it feels good.


  1. i'm not crazy little brat !! :P
    but i liiiike this cheshire !! ^3^

  2. I just saw a crackhead, can you believe it??

  3. Love the colors...and such a pretentious cat!!

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