Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cheshire Cat

Sooo, since the new Alice in Wonderland came out (No I haven't seen it, I'm waiting to download it), and I recently met someone as fanatical about Lewis Carroll's original tale as I, I decided to make a painting about my personal favorite character from the story, Mr. Chesire Cat (my friend also requested it because she's crazy and believes that she's the Cheshire Cat^^) .
So i tried to work on my painting technique in Photoshop, as well as on my colors. See, I like REALLY REALLY bright saturated colors. Unfortunately, put too many in a composition, and pretty soon you have a hot mess. SO I tried to work it out where i could have some really bright colors and and some unsaturated colors to balance it out. I know there's no background. I'm thinking hard about where to put him, i mean i should have though of it before, but i was just thinking... you know... let me tackle these simple problems. Background (especially for me) bring in a whole new set of problems I need to work out (Backgrounds are NOT my forte... yet). Anyways, yeah, I said I'd have a painting up. Plus I want to keep this pace up of posting twice a week, it feels good.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

2 life drawings and a rough character

hm... ok so 2 more life drawings... we get the model at work, and it's twice a week, so i've been going every time so far. I really like making proportions longer than they really are, but oh well, these two i founf acceptable. The other is a sketch of a character that my friend Felipe wants to make... I tried my hand at it, but its more graphic than he wants. Oh well I liked it, so its up. Must do more painting, i should have something up by this WE

Monday, April 12, 2010

so life drawing... the only one i found acceptable.. it was the last one i did. after months of not doing life drawing, it's good to be back. it will help me with my characters, i know it

ok so i painted this on my iPhone with an App called brushes. It's pretty sweet. the app. not the painting. the painting is just ok. i guess i am trying to research a stylization of person.. half based on cartoony style half based on street art with this kind of character.
went to a life drawing session and some came out not so bad. I'll post those later

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


all my student crap. Most of it hurts my eyes. hopefully with the projects i got going on, I'll do stuff that hurts eyes less.

life drawing

this is old. need more life drawing. the end

Monday, April 5, 2010

more research

I like this one better. But i need to get better with hats. and accent colors. I wanted to do something fast, i think i spent an hour on this, something like that. its rough, but i think i got the mood down right. he's quite mean, and very mysterious and maybe a bit mean. I need to do the other characters ASAP... and seriously post more work.. jeez